Friday, October 7, 2011

The Mona Lisa $250 Sold 10/08

This one is named the Mona Lisa.. because it is a masterpiece. Gold Dresser/Buffet. Would also be gorgeous as an entry table! $250 Measures 35 inches tall, 20 inches deep, and 52 inches long. Supper cute. Please call 390-7504


  1. Hi my name is Lindsay and I love some of the pieces you post! If you refinish another desk like the "Fancy Smancy" blue desk that you posted Aug. 14, can you email me? My email is: I'm sad I missed that one before it sold. It's exactly what I'm looking for! Color and all!

  2. SunDee, Sheree, Trisha, This piece makes me cry!!! It is so pretty and its not mine!! This is exactly what I am looking for to put a TV on in my bedroom. I know you may never find one like this again but please,if you do, call me!

    Ann C.